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The Big Pivot


The year 2020 will be remembered for many things, especially Covid-19. It's been a difficult time for many industries, but restaurants and the food service industry have been particularly vulnerable. The expression "making a purse out of a sow's ear" comes to mind as we make numerous pivots just to stay in business. It seems the stress of adversity...

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I am a Pantry Chef

maddi-bazzocco-UhrHTmVBzzE-unsplash Photo Credit: Maddi Bazzocco

There isn't a definition for the term pantry chef, but if there were, it would simply mean 'someone who can prepare a healthy, balanced meal only with items on hand.' Pantry items are shelf-stable unlike the items in the crisper drawer that get mushy or moldy when left too long. I can't remember the last time I had to throw away something that was ...

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Food Trends Now Trending and Growing


As Americans we have a weight problem, a nutrition problem and many of us have extremely stressful lives. We often turn to our diet as a remedy to these problems so over the years we have seen many diet fads come and go. Many of these diets have no effect on our long-term behavior and once we end the diet, the weight comes back on. However, there a...

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From Farmer's Market to National Brand


In case you haven't heard, the Mill River Marketplace is opening on November 7th. It's an indoor artisan food market that will run from November through April at The Business of Food. We can't wait for our wonderful community of bakers and chefs to share the fruits of their labor. Farmers' markets and artisan food markets like ours can be incubator...

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Food Service Pivot to Ghost Kitchens


A lot of people talked about pivoting during the pandemic. None more than restaurant owners. For months restaurants have had to rely on take-out and delivery to stay afloat. A lot of new restaurants have been put on hold. Some restaurants have completely shuttered. Where one door closes, one always opens. Enter the ghost kitchen, a delivery-only fo...

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A Passion for Goats and Farm-Made Products


This is the best time of year for buying directly from food growers and producers. The conversations you can have with food growers and producers are always friendly and interesting. Their passion for the land, animals, and plants comes across in their enthusiasm for talking about what they do. We can't help but listen and learn. Jill Franke, the o...

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Calling all local food growers and producers!



We’re excited to announce that the Mill River Marketplace will be open on Saturdays starting in October!

Much like farmers’ markets in the summer months, the Mill River Marketplace will focus on local products grown or produced by small food businesses. We welcome the community to come and shop directly from a variety of local food growers and producers with fresh or frozen products and food businesses that include bakers and cooks of prepared foods.

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Grass-Fed Beef is the Answer for Local Food Producer, Matt Gehrke

62202596_2295090527405367_1103367408896180224_o Gehrke's Belted Galloway steers. Photo by Matt Gehrke.

We’re learning a lot during this pandemic. One thing is for sure: when the global food market is disrupted, local food producers are here to save us. Matt Gehrke, owner of Gehrke Grass-Fed Beef in DeKalb is one of those food producers.

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