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Extend your season with value-added programs from
Mill River Harvest

The demand for fresh, locally grown food is exploding! Consumers eagerly await the fresh fruits, vegetables, and other specialty crops that growers bring to market each season. Here, in northern Illinois, one big draw is the arrival of the first ears of summer sweet corn at local markets and retail farms.

While in season, the sweet corn business can yield meaningful income for your farm. But there’s always the risk of lost revenue due to waste from ears that go bad when they don’t sell fast enough. This forces you to either use high-quality sweet corn for animal feed or simply plow it under. Thus, your opportunity for sales, and consumers’ enjoyment of locally grown sweet corn, is limited to several weeks after harvest.

Wouldn’t it be great if growers could continue to sell sweet corn after the growing season has ended? Mill River Harvest can help you do just that!

Grow revenue and minimize waste with your own brand of frozen sweet corn

To support growers who want to offer consumers sweet corn past the end of the growing season, Mill River Harvest offers a cost-effective solution to freeze and package your corn for future sale.

Working with Mill River Harvest is easy for growers. All you need to do is provide the fresh sweet corn, still in the husk. Our processing equipment will remove the kernels for flash freezing and package them in their natural juices. Individual packs will be labeled with your branding so consumers can easily identify your farm as the local source of the corn. All your corn will be returned to you, packaged in 16-ounce containers and ready for distribution to local retail outlets or to sell directly from your farm.

While sweet corn is a great choice for freezing, Mill River Harvest will also be evaluating other crops that might be suitable.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you can extend your season.

Other services available to growers to help improve your bottom line

Regardless of where or to whom you sell your specialty crops, it’s critical that you manage your entire operation based on sound business fundamentals. To ensure your success, The Business of Food offers, through its Mill River School programs, specialized educational and consulting programs for growers who want to increase their sales and profits. We can help you get a grip on your financials through crop costing, budgeting, and analysis. We can help you grow sales through marketing. And we can work with you to identify and implement value-added processes unique to you.

Contact us to learn how we can help you grow your business. Feel free to give us a call at (815) 991-5053 or drop us a note

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